Tips To Find Good Tenants For Your Rental Property

Tips To Find Good Tenants For Your Rental Property

Our housing brokers have selected tenants ready and waiting to move right now. Location and Neighbourhood – The location where you live will influence the type of tenants you attract. Being close to schools and parks will attract families while public transport and retail centres may attract young professionals.

We meet the prospective tenant with you to discuss the tenancy and complete paperwork. Heat pumps have to be given an achievable temperature or they freeze up and cost a fortune to run, therefore setting the heatpump on high temperatures such as 25 or 30 degrees is counterproductive. Heat pumps are used to heat rooms, but not the entire house. The best way to use your heatpump is set it at a low temperature such as and leave it going 24/7. You can turn it up a bit when you’re at home to increase the heat, but you can return it to its original setting when you go to bed. The temperature in the house will remain comfortable and the power bill reasonable as you are not spending a lot to bring the temperature up each day.

Ray White is a winner for his team’s ability to employ staff who treat tenants with respect …” “Secondly, special mention to my current Property Manager, too-Robin Yang for being exemplary in his approach and management skills…” Mary has been a landlord since 1972, letting all types of property to most client groups and carrying out much of her own refurbishment. “Meanwhile, Mr Robinson’s property remains tenanted by a family of 14, whose contract is with London Housing Solutions. The living area of the property is in darkness, after an electricity failure, and the boiler no longer produces hot water”. In most cases, a tenant can only decorate or make changes to the property with the express permission of the landlord.

Is renting legal?

whether the property will suit them.

This agreement contains a number clauses that protect you as the landlord. It is also updated regularly to ensure compliance with the Residential Tenancy’s Act. The Residential Tenancys Act has been changed so that it is now extremely difficult to move tenants if you need to. Finding tenants can be difficult, especially if your schedule is full.

Not only are quarterly inspections required for your insurance policy but they also ensure that long-term maintenance costs aren’t built up and that issues are quickly addressed. One missed inspection due to being busy or on holiday, could cost you your entire investment – your dedicated property manager minimises this risk. Our casual letting service is perfect for landlords who do not want to manage the tenant finding process. We’ll take care of the rental advertising, the screening and credit checking of potential tenants, plus complete the legal paperwork for you and advise on Healthy Homes Legislation.

Why do estate agents need bank statements for renting?

Ask for three to six months of rent upfront. This acts as a guarantor and lowers the chance that the landlord will not get their money.

After you have registered with us, we ask that your browse our available listings here on-line and via the window cards at the office. Then you take a drive-by’ of any properties that might interest you. All those entered into this database are automatically emailed when a property that meets their requirements becomes available – helping to attract more interest in our clients’ properties from the start. We will ensure clients who qualify have access to Tenancy Cost cover, a Work and Income product that provides you, the landlord, with some financial guarantees if things go wrong. Rent controls are a quick and effective way to reduce stress caused by rent increases that are excessively high and unjustified. Many owners/investors are happy with the process, and have come to trust our judgment and often wish we would go ahead without them. We’re fiercely proud of being a New Zealand owned family business, ensuring that profits and people stay right here.

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Tenants benefit from lower rents and property owners don’t have to pay any additional fees for tenants who move. We often hear from private landlords that their friendly relationship with a tenant makes it very tough to deliver rent increases. In the Auckland property market where rental yields are diminishing all the time, lean on a professional advisor to ensure you have both great tenants and receive market rent. When our property managers meet with landlords, the vast majority do not know or understand their legal obligations, nor the potential issues or fines they could face if something were to go wrong. Our team are experts in tenancy management and legislation so you don’t have to be. Our customers love our free advice. We offer everything you need, from guidance on the Residential Tenancies Act NZ through to the Healthy Homes Guarantees Act.

What kind of references do landlords need?

whether they’ve been involved in any tenancy disputes.

We are also a contributor and user of the R.E.I.N.Z National Tenancy Database and TPS . Our policy is to rather have the property vacant for a few weeks than to select a less than ideal tenant. We do not accept any instructions from owners that might contravene the Human Rights Act, or any other enactment that could threaten the health, safety, or well-being future tenants. The market conditions surrounding housing and general inflation Both landlords as well as ourselves recognize the benefits of great long-term tenants. Therefore, it is common to reduce rent increases for tenants who are already in good standing.

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I asked them all the same question: “Did your company have assets and insurance to support the guarantee for rent?” The answer is often “No, they didn’t guarantee the rent, and that was enough for me.” If a tenant is not fully approved by the referencing process, they can ask a guarantor to support them. If the tenant fails to pay the rent, a guarantor will take joint responsibility. Guarantors are responsible for paying rent arrears or damages that exceed the deposit. Tenants applying to rent need to give details of their employer and income, their previous address, and some bank account details.

Can landlord enter property if tenant is not present?

This is not unusual and tenants still have options. They could pay the rent for the full term up front, or seek out a guarantor. Both the landlords as well as the tenants are consumers, since the Renter offers a service to both. Consumers can raise concerns with an independent body if they are unhappy about the terms or service. The Renter is providing the consumers with peace of mind that they will deal with letting the property correctly and professionally. The Renter could also be subject to a penalty if they undertake work that requires them to join a redress program.