Online Pokies New Zealand

Online Pokies New Zealand

If slot machines are what you live for and you’re from New Zealand, then you can begin celebrating as online pokies are the new and easy way to provide you with some gambling fun without actually going to a land based casino. All of the online casinos in New Zealand offer online pokies as it is the most popular and fun game among the rest. There are several types of online pokies. You can read about the same to determine which one is the most suitable depending on the type of gambler you are. The online pokies NZ include:

3 Reel Pokies

These are the traditional pokies that offer a smaller jackpot but the chances of winning are a bit more in this type of pokie. This is the most commonly played pokie among the newbies or the players that are content with smaller gambling amounts.

5 Reel Pokies

The 5 Reel Pokies are the modern version of the 3 Reel Pokies. The rewards are higher as the risk is higher. This pokie is a fun and more exciting version of the traditional pokie. Progressive Pokies The jackpot is the highest in Progressive Pokies as the jackpot amount ‘progresses’ every time a player plays the same. This allows you to have a chance at winning a massive jackpot. d. Pokies Tournaments Generally pokies are a single player game but in this online version, you can compete with other players. This makes the game way more thrilling and is therefore loved by most online pokie players. Playing pokies in the virtual world gives you just the same rush and excitement (if not more) as the pokies in the real world. On registering, most online casinos offer you free spins or/and a bonus. This only gets you more excited to play the online pokie in hopes of winning the jackpot.