A basic guide to learning to be a blackjack accountant without the need for a book

A basic guide to learning to be a blackjack accountant without the need for a book

Blackjack is a very entertaining casino game, in which the participants must have skills and strategists if they want to get great prizes. However, the real success of this game is directly related to the counting of the cards, which takes this role of accountant, has great opportunities to get millions in profits. But this art needs certain tactics and requires a lot of practice to master them, something that is available to any player if he really has the desire to learn.

In the market, you can find a wide range of blackjack books, as a basic guide to teach players the techniques of card counting, but for this, you must invest money in buying them. But since this art only requires practice and any player with a disposition can learn, then I leave you a series of tips.

What is the card counting about?

Blackjack is not only the game around a table, because the counter is also a participant. In this game, players receive a card and must keep a count of those that have been entered in the action, all of them have a numerical value, and if these are in favor of a participant, then the player can increase their bets, otherwise, you must settle for minimum bets.

This explanation makes it sound simple and simple, but when it comes to the counting of the cards, there are several systems that the future accountant can choose. Many of the blackjack counters are comfortable with just one system, but there are others who aspire to master several at the same time. Among the best known in the world of blackjack, you can mention KO, Hi-Lo, Halves, Omega II and Zen Count.

However, with the modality of online casinos, card counting does not work in this version. In these cases, live croupiers are those who use several decks of cards and occasionally shuffle them, this causes the counters to accumulate the count during the transition of several games. After each hand, these are shuffled for the virtual version of blackjack. It is a strategy that prevents the useful number from increasing in the player’s advantage.

Legitimacy in card counting

This is something that tends to question blackjack players, in land-based casinos, counting is not illegal, rather they are happy that counters are at their tables playing blackjack, and the reason is simple, many counters have not mastered completely this art, and this in consequences can generate long-term errors after hundreds of games. When a session ends, there is a good chance that the inexperienced player’s card counter will be as broken as a participant who has never heard of the strategy.

However, the casinos have the power to expel any client they wish, but the qualified and qualified card counters for this role have this line of defense in their favor. The casino should not worry about losing money if a player decides not to participate in the games. However, expert card counters often infiltrate establishments where they have been denied entry, thanks to the fact that they use some kind of disguise and go unnoticed.

However, there are some laws in certain casinos, for example, the decision of the Supreme Court of New Jersey that banned the launching of card counters in the casinos of Atlantic City, following a lawsuit in 1979 presented by Ken Uston, famous legend of blackjack.

Basic card counting guide for blackjack

The truly ambitious blackjack players undoubtedly need this cornerstone for their success, as it is a strategy that can cover the best player even for the 300 hands. Although it is not a guarantee of constant victories, they usually result in a mathematical advantage over other players. This is also favorable since it reduces some percentage points on the edge of the house, something that benefits the player.

If you really want to succumb in the world of blackjack and take the role of card counter, this is the right time and place to start. To avoid wasting time, future card counters must first memorize a basic strategy before proceeding with learning a counting system. However, one article is not enough to list the number of basic strategies, but the internet offers many options with hundreds of web portals.

Card counting system Hi-Lo

This is one of the best-known blackjack card counting systems in the casino industry, with the Hi-Lo system the counters have the code to assign a + 1 value to each deck that includes two to six, but from seven to nine, they are assigned the value of 0 and in the case of the letters of 10 their assigned value is – 1.

If the tally is higher, then the increase in bets is a tentative idea, and the reason is simple, the count indicates that minor cards have been introduced in the game, and the cards with the values of 10 and the aces are in the mallet, which represents an advantage to be able to get the natural or blackjack.

In the event that the count is below zero or close, then it is convenient to reduce the size of the bets, and this is because the cards with higher values have been distributed which means few advantages to get the hand winning, even more with letters like three or five.

Do live practices to perfect the techniques.

The practices are very important to perfect the techniques of blackjack counting, but it does not compare with a live practice. The experiences in this type of events are a higher level in the counting of the cards where the accountants feel the obligation to conduct all their preparation to become familiar with all the challenges of the live game.

One of the most important things in card counting is the speed with which it is done, as they must also learn to become familiar with casino noises, music, and background conversations. It is necessary to be kind to casino employees, as they often come to you and they may discover that it is a card counter.


The counting of blackjack cards is a way to take the game to another level, have greater chances of winning and have many advantages in favor. But to be a successful accountant, it is not always necessary to have a book in hand, because the skills of the player are its main tool. Taking into account the methods of blackjack, it is only a matter of practicing a system and repeating it until perfecting the counting technique. Memorization is the most difficult part and even more when you have to deal with the noise of the casino; however, it is not impossible, it only requires consistency.